P. Watana Trading Co., Ltd. (PWT) was established in 1975. Starting the business with the general basic chemicals, the business has expanded to various specialty chemicals. As a representative from a range of countries, PWT are supplying to the first class industries and companies.

       Providing superior products with the finest quality.
       Serving with professional/experienced service and innovative technology.
       Being a continuously development of human resource and organization.
       Being a standardized management.

All aspects are leading to the successful and progressive company to meet the customer’s ultimate satisfaction.

With the experience more than 40 years of operating the business, P. Watana Trading Co., Ltd. aims to develop the business pattern and the market needs' trend in the same direction by emphasizing on providing the superior product, serving the professional service, developing the organization and executing a standardized management.

P.Watana Trading Co., Ltd. procures the variety of innovative products with the best quality for serving the consumer’s expectation. With a well-managed inventory of product utilization by using the most efficient instruments in company with standard maintenance, quality of products are at its finest.

The most important thing for doing business is to provide the professional service with on-time delivery, after sale service, and inquiry service. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with each and every one of our consumers.

Emphasis on developing a continuous human resource, training and acknowledge a systematic management, standardization, and understanding the entire process in order to serve our consumers' expectations. That is the mission to be in the successful business.

Engrossing to be in an operation and developing as a whole is to be effective and efficient. To guarantee with confidence, PWT is committed to quality management with consumers’ expectations.

1. Do business with faith and sincerity.
2. Procure the innovative products to meet
    consumer’s satisfaction.
3. Supply superior products with a reasonable price.
  4. Be continuously on developing human resources and
    keep the organization competence.
5. Provide professional services with prompt delivery


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